Coke float drinking pocket rocket, planetary scientist, presenter, space comedienne

Science and writings

My PhD is about Saturn’s magnetosphere, its influences, interactions and dynamics. I’ve investigated the magnetopause of the planet, the icy moon Enceladus and the plasma dynamics of the system. I finished my PhD in 2012 and if for some reason you want to read it have a look here:

With my PhD I’ve had papers published in specific journals.

I’ve also written popular science articles for magazines such as the IoP’s Nexus News and A&G.

Here are some uploads if you’d like to witness my writing style.

My first first author paper

Just read the beginning and the end, the middle is boring 😉

The next few links are to Nexus News, a magazine which doesn’t actually exist any more. It should though, it was ace while it lasted. The links are to the whole magazine for that month, so you’ll have to search for my articles!

One of my popular science articles

And another!

And a third for good measure 🙂


One response

  1. Neil

    Just found your page after watching your video on the Guardian. I like how you make the science tangible! As someone who is vastly interested in questions/popular science related to outer space, I also just read your article on SETI. I’m wondering what ideas you might have about a new strategy for searching for signs of life elsewhere? It does seem like searching for radio signals on such a narrow band seems a bit limited.

    November 25, 2012 at 11:19 pm

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