Coke float drinking pocket rocket, planetary scientist, presenter, space comedienne

My gigs: come watch me perform!

(in reverse date order so you can see the newer ones)

February 2014

West Didsbury Astronomical Society

October 2013

NW Astronomy Festival

July 2013

Space Link Get Space


June 2013

Lancashire Science Festival

14th March 2013

MCR Bright Club—Brains

February 2013

Physics in Perspective

British Interplanetary Society

20th – 22nd July 2012:

Winchester Science Festival

13th July 2012:

Bright Club Cambridge

24th April 2012:

Garfield School, Merton

Spacelink Learning Foundation

27th March 2012:

Bright Club Manchester: Space—Space

26th March 2012:

Polegate School, East Sussex

Spacelink Learning Foundation

20th March 2012:

Cambridge Science Festival late night lab

15th Feb 2012:

Brighton Science Festival/Science Showoff at the seaside

7th Feb 2012:

Eastlea School, London

Mission X: Train like an astronaut

24th Jan 2012:

Science Show Off 4

14th December 2011:

British Interplanetary Society “Planetary Science” talk

8th December 2011:

Winchester Skeptics Christmas Special

With Robin Ince, Helen Arney and Helen Keen

2nd December 2011:

“Lord of the Rings” talk at Notting Hill and Ealing High School

11th November 2011:

Bright Club at The Bloomsbury: Stars!

28th October 2011:

Manchester Science Festival – Out of This World Spacetacular

With Helen Keen and many more!


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