Coke float drinking pocket rocket, planetary scientist, presenter, space comedienne

This is me…

I’m a Londoner by birth but a space cadet in my heart. From the age of 13 I knew that space was the inspiring force behind my decisions. After successfully finishing school I took a gap year doing voluntary work in Mexico and Peru, followed by an Honours degree in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester. I attended Space School UK as a student and was chosen to represent the UK at space camps in Alabama, USA and Moscow, Russia. Life has simply picked up speed since then! I have worked at the famous Jodrell Bank Observatory, lived at an Australian telescope facility to search for exoplanets and now I reside in an old mansion in Surrey. In my spare time I’m completing a PhD in planetary science; using the Cassini spacecraft to study the Lord of the Rings, Saturn. When I finish in 2011 I hope to use the inspiring qualities of space science to enthuse future scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

I teach and mentor at Space School UK, I’m a STEM ambassador for science and I love visiting schools, giving talks and workshops, and inspiring future astronauts of any age! I was chosen to represent the science ambassadors on a TV channel called Teacher’s TV and I’ve subsequently been in more educational programs (see “My Videos“). My new favourite thing to do is science comedy in the pub; the other night I made a comet in a bucket in a pub in London with Helen Keen, whilst making people laugh about astrobiology. I try and take part in Bright Club as often as possible too.

I’m a world (and one day space) traveller, a lover of good music (I play the jazz saxophone), a dancer (modern tap) and an advocate for anything vampire related.


Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL: PhD in planetary science

Royal Astronomical Society fellow

Society for Popular Astronomy member

Institute of Physics member

Likes: Coke floats *  Space Camp the movie * Saturn * Scuba diving * Spanish


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