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What I See

Well it has been a rather long time since I posted something new on the blog. It’s not because I’ve not wanted to – just I’ve been busy (life has a habit of getting in the way) and it is so much quicker/easier doing those 140 character blogs daily on Twitter than writing a post on here!

As I sit here and type I can tell you I am now a Dr, a teacher, a wife, a homeowner and a kitten ownerall in the last year! So you can see why perhaps I haven’t managed to blog since the 6th of July 2012!

The kitten is playing havoc with my typing so I’ll have to keep it a little short, but this post is a very fitting one for me to come out of hibernation for.

As you can see from the list I’ve been doing a lot with my ‘normal’ life but I’ve also remained as active as possible with my ‘other’ life which is science communication. Not including communicating to 150 children about science every day of course! I’ve been on the radio, represented Science Grrl at various events, started a STEMM company with my sister (@STEMMsisters) in which we are hoping to connect, inspire and empower people to do STEMM subjects. I’ve also done a fair amount of public talks and lectures including at the National Astronomy Meeting ( and for my beloved space charity Space Link Learning Foundation during which I got to meet and chat to Dr Helen Sharman – amazing!

See my gigs page to see what else I am up to in the near future – I promise to keep it up to date from now!

Anyway, the point of today’s blog is this:

I’ve been involved in the “What I See” project which is hoping to amplify women’s voices through the simple, or complex, question “what do you see when you look in the mirror?”. This question has become particularly poignant for me in the past year because I’ve become so much in 12 months (remember? a Dr, a teacher, a wife, a homeowner and a kitten owner)!

To watch my video in which I ramble on about what I see when I look in the mirror click on the link here: link to my What I See video. During the video I get very confused, a bit silly, a bit deep and meaningful and somewhat off topic! But it does answer, to a point, my opinion of what I see when I look in the mirror (depending on what day/time of day it is!). I hope my video can empower other women who can relate to what I say!

The most important factor in the campaign is diversity which is women from all different walks of life have been chosen to play a part. I would like to pass the baton on to Danielle Wightman-Stone at who will be the next contributor.

The best news is that YOU can get involved as well! Have a look at the project website and see if you can answer the question!

Right I better be off – school starts tomorrow so I have to get ready for that, and feed the kitten, and I’m on the John Gillmore show on BBC radio Lancashire in a few hours. No rest for the wicked 🙂

I do hope to blog again soon as I always enjoy myself when I do so, but I can’t make any promises!

Until then……


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