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Science teaching and science communication, should there be a difference?

Why I think communicating physics and teaching physics should go hand in hand:

An article published in “American Scientist” which claims “School is not where most Americans learn most of their science”.

(you can find the paper here)

It chats about programs like Mythbusters and says that much of science is learnt through exploratoriums, explosions and e-activities rather than in lessons. (Perhaps everyone in the USA watches TV, but not everyone goes to school?).

Surely school should be the first port of call for learning about science?

So I haven’t been blogging lots recently because I’ve been busy typing up, handing in and revising for my thesis viva. It all comes to a culmination in ten days time but what is after that for me?

Well the great news is that I’m going to go to a high school and be a TEACHER! 🙂 I’m really excited!

I’ll be doing a GTP so I teach and train at the same time which is perfect for someone like me who has been a student far too long. And I get to move ‘oop Norf’ to be closer to my wonderful fiance.

Hopefully when I teach I’ll get to enthuse and inspire my kids about science and in doing so hopefully they might learn something too.

Science is SO important. I was astounded and rather proud to hear Will.I.Am chatting about STEM on The Graham Norton show the other week, telling everyone how important STEM subjects are. STEM subjects are the future, and the next generation are the future as well. I cannot wait to be partly responsible for molding the future!



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