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The amazingness of the internet…or is it?

The internet has made the world a smaller place.

Its now a world in which we can see photos of our friends babies in Oz, 2 hours after they are born.

A world in which we can watch videos of our relatives in the USA and see our cousins grow up as if they lived down the street.

A world in which brand new data from Saturn can be analysed by three different scientists in three different countries.

A world in which I can conduct Skype interviews with a Serbian man in the USA about using plasma fusion to drive interstellar missions (

A world in which your Twitter followers are the first people to tell you about an earthquake in Japan, a war in Egypt, an evil man in Uganda who is stealing children.

It really is incredible.

Whilst the internet doesn’t allow me to write this blog, it allows a lot of you to read it. Without the internet I wouldn’t know that someone, somewhere, was reading what I write.

Until today!

I got my first ever piece of snail-mail associated with this blog today! It felt like fan mail!

A lovely man in Virginia wrote to me in pen, on paper, and stuck stamps on it and posted it. He told me his memories of the moon landings and his enjoyment at seeing Jupiter and Venus so close these past weeks. He told me he was pleased to see a young person passionate about science.

He told me to stay focused, dream big and never look back.

Very very wise words. Hence sharing them with you.

Stay focused, dream big and never look back.

Frank, if you are reading this, I can assure you that a reply is winging its way to you by snail mail!

It just shows that the new inventions are amazing and can change the world, but its the little things, the old fashioned things, that can touch your heart.


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