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Why thesis writing is like being pregnant…


So I’m due to submit my thesis around the same that my sister is due her 2nd baby. Yay I can’t wait to be an aunt again, and it’ll be interesting to see how having a niece is different, or not, to having a nephew.

Its been really funny this time around because of her cravings for McDs chicken burgers and also, she has serious pregnancy brain!

Now I think pregnancy brain is something quite well known. I guess its something to do with the body having an alien growing inside it, making the bearer scatty, tired, silly, emotional.

The weird thing is though, I’ve been like that recently too!

I am tired all the time, I can’t remember what day it is, I cry at the drop of a hat and I have to do basic maths on a calculator (and I mean basic, the other week I did “27-10” on the calculator!).

And I can tell you for sure I am NOT pregnant!

So it can only be one thing; I have thesis brain!!

And the pregnancy analogy does not stop there.

I’ve put on weight too. Mostly through comfort eating, but also because I feel like I ‘deserve’ to eat junk food when I’ve ‘delivered’ a chapter.
I have cravings. I had to have a Gu chocolate pudding for tea last night before I could possibly finish writing the paragraph I was doing.
I sleep funny, I have indigestion, I sit in bed all day, I have really bad backache…..the list goes on!

I guess writing a thesis is so like having a baby. The idea for the thesis starts as a seed in your mind, then the ideas are conceived and after a lot of experiments it becomes this thing that takes over your life. You nuture it for months and months, it grows and feeds off you, you spend 24/7 on it until its all you can think about. Then after 9 months of writing and typing and stressing and enjoying the thesis is printed, bound and submitted.

Well, I hope mine takes only 9 months total til its due, and I’m certainly not going to pay for it to go to university.

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