Coke float drinking pocket rocket, planetary scientist, presenter, space comedienne

So I guess this is where it all begins…

I can’t promise this blog will be very sciency other than I am a scientist and I am writing it. If you have specific science questions please email or tweet me so that I can answer them. I’m not shy and am quite open, so if you want to know what its like being a PhD student, how much I get paid, or whether I love or hate my job, do get in touch.

I’m also not promising much on the grammar front. I type faster than I think and it doesn’t always end well. I like text speak even though I am too old to use it. I use LOL like a real word. But I hope you enjoy reading my musings, and through this maybe I can inspire those uninspired souls who got lost along the way (probably during a nasty encounter with a boring physics teacher back in high school).

Tomorrow I’m going to see Uncaged Monkeys, that is pretty sciency. I’ll report back on it in due course 🙂

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